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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Archavon Guide: Strategy for World of Warcraft Raid Boss

The Vault of Archavon, where Archavon the Stone Watcher rests, lies in Lake Wintergrasp but is only available once a team has taken victory in Wintergrasp. It is a quick 10 or 25 man raid encounter with only one boss.

First of all, this raid is pretty easy. It's a DPS race, so if you're having problems with Archavon you should turn off your computer, delete World of Warcraft from the computer and never play again. No, actually your DPS should just get some better gear or consumable up (if they're not already) and then you'll be able to dominate Archavon and this raid.

The main strategy as I said is that the fight is a DPS race.

Archavon does rock spikes, which cannot be avoided and deal around 8k damage. They will hurt other people if you're around them, so when you get the rock spikes just make sure that you're staying away from everyone.

At once point Archavon will stun the party and then eat the main tank. For this period of time where the main tank has been "eaten" you need to have a competent offtank taunt him and tank him. Eventually the tank will be let out.

Sometimes he will leave a spot that does damage if you stand on it. Move out the way.
Again I cannot stress to make sure that you have very strong DPS for this fight, make them use consumables, and everyone in the raid should have at least 15k health.
Good luck with this easy fight and DPS race, and just remember that if you're losing and dying to Archavon a lot, you need to quit World of Warcraft! But seriously guys, get some good DPS in epics baby and stop focusing so much on finding 20+ healers and tanks.

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